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Lightning Bug Candle Company Fundraising Programs

Lightning Bug Candle Company "Capture The Glow"

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Sherry Harrison
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 Been burned by a bad candle fundraiser?  Waited weeks and months to receive your candle orders, and fielded phone calls from customers tired of waiting for their products?  That will not happen with Lightning Bug Candle Company.  We are not a distributor, reseller or a commissioned salesperson ~ we are a factory making the candles right here in the beautiful pines of northeastern Arizona. 


 According to the National Candle Association, 7 out of 10 homes in the United States regularly burn candles or use some type of scented product.  This makes candles a great and highly profitable fundraiser possibility, with potential customers everywhere. Offering an affordable product people want to buy is the key to selling more.  A high profit margin on your sales efforts is what makes the fundraiser a success for your organization!


Lightning Bug candles are highly scented, and burn clean and evenly down the Made in the USA jar.  We use only top quality ingredients in our products, including zinc core wicks that don�t �fall down on the job� (double wicks in the larger sizes), with safety collars which prevent excessive burning, once the candle wax has been consumed.  Wicks containing lead are not used by Lightning Bug Candle Company.  We do not use diluted fragrances.  The scent remains as long as wax remains in the jar.  Each season we offer 12 of the best selling fragrances to satisfy every customer�s preference ~ and our fundraiser list also offers the popular scented wax cubes to be melted in warmers! 


Organizations are in need of additional money to carry out critical programs.  At Lightning Bug Candle Company, we believe that fundraisers are our way of helping others.  Therefore, we offer a generous 50% profit to your organization, plus right now we are offering FREE standard ground shipping on all orders, regardless of size.  That�s right ~ you will not pay a dime for shipping your order, regardless of weight! 


Our process is kept simple.  We start by emailing the application and forms to you.  We can also send the scent sample kits for each of your sellers, with just a $20 deposit, which is fully applied to your cost of the candles.  When the selling is complete, you fax or email the orders to us and make payment (checks, money orders, or all major credit cards are accepted), and return the scent sample kits to us the very cheapest way possible (usually Parcel Post).  We strive to ship all fundraiser orders within 72 hours of receipt of payment, though most are shipped sooner.  Excellent customer service is one of the benefits of buying direct from the factory and dealing with the owners of the company.  We guarantee all of our products.  If anyone ever has a problem with any of our products, we take care of it.  Period. 


At Lightning Bug, we feel that no fundraiser is too small or too large. We will work with all organizations to meet fundraising goals, and we would love to work with you. Please call us at 928-532-3172 to discuss how we can help your organization.


Example of Potential Profits:


10 sellers each sell 10 of the 16oz candles @ $17.89 each

$1,789.00 in sales = $894.50 profit to your organization


20 sellers each sell 10 of the 24oz candles @ $21.89 each

$4,378.00 in sales = $2,189.00 profit to your organization





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