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AVON Fundraising Programs


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GiGi Chew

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Why Choose An AVON Fund-Raiser?


Each year, hundreds of organizations across America choose to use Avon products in their fund-raisers. It's a great idea for several reasons:

1. As the world's largest beauty company, Avon has a name that's familiar to millions of people, lending immediate credibility to your fund-raiser.

2. With Avon, you're selling top-quality, well-known products, backed by Avon's 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means people will buy more.


3. You get support from a trained Avon Representative.


4. You have flexibility in product selection and selling time frame, with minimal paperwork.

5. No door-to-door selling is necessary. Participants can sell just to their family, neighbors, and friends, and still have a profitable fund-raiser! An average Customer sale of $20, selling to 10 people, means $200 per participant.

6. Your organization can receive up to 40% of what is sold.

7. Your organization can have its money in hand in as little as three weeks! Avon Fund-raisers are the best way for a group to raise money for special projects or for urgent needs.

An AVON Fund-Raiser is a beautiful approach to fund-raising.

The mark Fund-Raiser program adds a whole new element to Avon fund-raising. Our research tells us that since mark products are specifically targeted to young women, they would be a better fit to raise money for organizations such as high schools, colleges, cheerleading squads, women's sports teams and sororities than traditional Avon products.




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